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Welcome To TajFoods

Welcoming you all to my blog. This is Muneera Mohaideen a Business consultant, Food Explorer.
Always have craved for cooking, my cooking journey started when I was 6th. Started to cook for my brother as a toddler, then it turned up as passion. I prepare lunch for my family while doing college and is still continuing to date as an office goer. As odd man out, I will be the only Muslim person in the team, so everyone loves my food.

So I wanted to share authentic Muslim recipes from a  south Indian background and researching new recipes for lazy Sundays
I learned cooking skills from my Big Mamma during my college days which induced me for more recipes of Muslim cuisines from deeper parts of TamilNadu as a food Explorer.


I m trying out the new restaurant and giving out reviews so that you can hang out with friends and family, that tingles your tastebud
“All the great changes begin at the dining table”